SCRUM Process and role of a Tester

What is Scrum?
In software development world Scrum is one of the agile approach featuring an iterative process for managing a software development projects. Scrum is an iterative, team-based process especially suitable process to adopt for a rapidly changing requirement, or not clear requirement.
Agile-Scrum has a structured way of development cycle and specific role of team member. A product development time is divided into a cycle called Sprint. A sprint is a period of time usually 2-4 weeks in length.

Daily stand up meeting: It allows team member to request more work, ask for help, and report completion of work. Basically three things are important - what you did yesterday, what you are going to do today and any question, for team. Or saying scrum terminologies, Tasks accomplished yesterday, task for today, and issues, ideas, helps, anything he may need or can offer to team.

What is Product Backlog Item (PBI)?
Product backlog is simply functional or technical requirement of a system or application created by product owner. In scrum process it is a unit of work that can be divided into multiple tasks called Sprint Backlog Item (SBI). Product Backlog Items may or may not contains detail information (usually not). Team member can add more detail in SBI. And product owner can add more detail later on too because PBI is a dynamic entity (usually add detail information for a early estimated effort). Usually, Sprint starts PBI includes very high level and as sprint progress, product owner add detail in existing one and new one targeting for coming sprint.
During Sprint planning, a meeting "Product Backlog Walkthrough" the SME and Product Owner will their vision of the system using the Product Backlog Items. The Product Owner presents the highest priority PBI to team. They collaborate about how much can be turned into an increment of potentially shippable product functionality during the next Sprint.

Sprint Backlog Item (SBI):
SBI simply is a task to be complete in a sprint. SBI is associated to a PBI, and relation is like parent and child. One PBI have one or more SBIs. SBIs remains unchanged during a sprint. So SBI is a tasks having 4-16 hrs (some company says not more than 8 hrs) estimated. Once, task is done its owner put estimated hour o and status to done.

User Stories:
User story is describes high level business flow, functionalities. It is a written description of story


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