Selenium Interview Queations-Answers

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What is Selenium?
Selenium is a widely used automation tool for web based testing. It is easy to learn and use.

What is Selenium 2.x?
The NEXT GEN selenium. It is the Selenium Server-Webdriver replacing Selenium RC

What is required?
Basic knowledge of HTML, web based testing and web technologies is required. No other software development language is required. JAVA Script is nice to have.

From where to download?
Go to Selenium’s official site for all the information about it. You can download different version and mirror from its official site. which is -

Getting started with selenium.
Selenium is a very good tool for Acceptance and Cross-Browser testing. It is also very useful for Functional testing. About how - Selenium has different components. Lets download selenium IDE’s latest version. Selenium IDE is a Firefox add-on, version 2+. Once it is download, you can record and play scripts in Firefox. I will talk in detail about how to use it in different section. for now lets download IDE, play around it and get familiar with most commonly used selenium commands. Selenium script is convertible in different development languages such and JAVA, C#, Pearl. With the help of Selenium-RC, user can run it different browsers and language environment.

How to use selenium IDE?
 For now please go to

What is the selenium's recording language?

What are the steps to run automation using selenium?
The very basic steps are:
1.  Record the test steps using selenium-IDE
2. Modify the script according to the testing needs. Add validation points, Java Scripts, Time-out etc.
3. Run the test
4. View the result after test run complete analyze.

Automation steps using Selenium C# language
1.Record the Test Steps using selenium-IDE. Test will be recorded in HTML language
2. Modify the script
3. Convert the scripts into c# using selenium IDE
4. Open the Visual Studio and create the test project there. Add a c# file
5. Copy your c# script from Seleniun-IDE and paste into c# file you have created earlier. You can modify your script here as well such as adding if-else. This is the advantage of using other language.Call the Reporting file from here to store the result.
6. Compile the code and debug if error occurs.
7. Add the Compiles DLLs in NUNIT
8. Run the test.
9. Analyze the test result.

What is Selenium Test Suite? how to develop it?
Grouping test cases together as test suite is one of the major concept of software testing. In selenium, it is a HTML file that contains links of test cases. Test Runner is a Selenium IDE plug-in to run the test suite.

What is SIDE?
Selenium IDE

How to run test case recorded using Selenium IDE in other browsers?
With the help of Selenium -Remote Control

What are three major parts, components of IDE?
Command, Target, and Value

How do you edit the recorded command in IDE?
By selecting them and choosing the desired value from drop-down.

What is the command to run selenium server from command prompt?
Open the command prompt, CD to the folder (CD Command) having selenium server and run    command : java -jar selenium-server.jar

What is the Selenium server default port number?

How to run Selenium server, other than the default port 4444?
 java -jar selenium-server.jar -port

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