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This blog is about software quality assurance, web/test development technologies,health information technology and interview questions-answers. Answers I have posted in this blog are all my point of views. I posted them because-- these are the frequently asked questions in my opinion-- to help those who are new to quality assurance and testing world or IT world in general. Dear visitors, you can also share and discuss answers so that someone can benefit from your contributions. Please share your experience, questions or answers to help other candidates to succeed in interviews. 
Thank you!
I always believe in giving my 100% to any role. I  believe in cooperation, the power of positive attitude and eagerness to help other in need.  Be enthusiastic about new technology and tools if you wish to be a successful professional in IT environment. Here learning never stops!!! 
Also, being a good human being helps you to be a meaningful asset in every place including at workplace. Be positive, hard working and never stop learning new things.


Currently I am focusing on Health Information Technology, known as Health-IT. Recent progress in the healthcare system has impacted and is going to impact everyone in the near future. We are very close to the implementation of  Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. Lets hope it will be beneficial to all of us ans medical bill will not be a nightmare. Hopefully there will be plenty of job opening in this area in 2014 and 2015 as well. I will update information related to Health Information Technology under HEALTH IT tab as I will go through  this journey myself. 

Thank you all!!!

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