UNIX Releted Interview Question for a QA Engineer

Who is the super user?
UNIX provides special kind of account called super-user account.  UNIX system administrator logs as the Super-user to perform system maintenance and administrative tasks.

What is the host name?
host name command shows name of  the host. Host name is used to access the system over the network. Hostname can be used with 'ping' command to reach the system on the network. Use  ping, it will display ping statistics. furthermore hostname command can be used to name/rename the system name.

Which command do you use if you are not sure where the file is located?


What is home directory?

Location of users' personal home directories. It is the place where user store all his files/directory. User by default goes to the home directory after log in.  Command 'pwd' can be used to check right after logged in to check the home directory.

 Within UNIX environment, a tester frequently involves in---

-Running scripts as per test case step requirement.
-File manipulation (copying/renaming/deleting)
-Navigation (change directory/listing files/dictionary)
-File/directory creating
-Monitoring (commands: top, ps -ef)
-Using VI editor
-Search command  grep, find.
-Executing scripts (./script file name. must have execute permission)
-Creating auto-run of script using cron-tab job

Difference between 'find' and 'grep' ?
The find command is used to search the UNIX system for specific files and/or directories. The grep find search content/string inside a file.

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